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The Changing Roles of Practitioners and Stakeholders Towards Education for all: A Case for Uganda

Mary Stella Atim - Uganda National Institute of Special Education (UNISE)


The new perspective and practice of inclusive education and the catering of special educational needs entails substantial changes in educational practices. Inclusion is an essential element to human dignity, enjoyment and practice. It is also a strategy that seeks to bring about genuine equalisation of opportunities for all. Experience in Uganda and other countries demonstrates that inclusion of children and youth with special educational needs and barriers to their learning and development is best achieved within an inclusive school system that serves all children within a whole community. It is within this environment that the children's needs can be met. While inclusive schools provide a favourable setting for achieving equal opportunities and ,full participation, their success requires a concerted effort, not only from teachers, peers and parents, but also from stakeholders. The reform of social institutions is not only a technical task, it depends above all, on the conviction, commitment and good will of the individuals who constitute any society. The present thinking and practice in Uganda presents challenges to all those involved in the educational processes. The ,future roles of specialist groups in Uganda, including those in special needs education provision, support and health services and other caring professions, need particular consideration in the light of reforms based on inclusive principles and practices.

This paper presents a number of steps Uganda has take in an attempt to provide quality education for all, in terms of policies, practices and linkages with other countries and collaborative efforts of the personnel involved. The paper also discusses the challenges Uganda is facing and recommends the way forward for Uganda to achieve quality education, inclusion and participation of children and youth with special educational needs.




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